The Farm

Nestled on a hill, on Warm Springs Road, in quaint Glen Ellen, the farm is privately owned and operated.

Boasting more than 200 olive trees, Warm Springs Farm has been growing award-winning olives since 2011.

Warm Springs Farm Extra Virgin Olive Oil, previously only shared with friends and family, is now available direct-to-consumer.



The Inspiration

Maribelle knew something was missing from her Glen Ellen property, so she took time to get to know the farm and the region then realized what it was...olive trees. Since she wanted to grow on the land, but was not interested in entering the wine business, an olive orchard was the perfect solution.

There was no way of knowing that the combination of terroir (even in drought years), expert advice and farming, plus trees sourced in Italy would produce exceptional olives that when blended would create an award-winning oil.

The Farmer

Mollyanne Mira Meyn draws on the principles of ecological design, organic agriculture and Permaculture. She farms with curiosity and decades of experience working with sustainable landscapes, gardens and farms in the region. She approaches farming, land design and management with a multidisciplinary approach that draws on the wisdom of ancient and modern growing traditions. 

Mollyanne loves helping the plants she cares for yield their best. She thinks that Warm Springs Olive Oil's olive trees are a stellar example of that work. She is proud of her team, who farm with love, passion and always come to learn by seeing this olive orchard with fresh eyes.

Mollyanne is especially proud of farming for and with Warm Springs’ founder, Maribelle, who values growing the orchard in balance with nature and who always prioritizes doing the right thing.

The Olive Whisperer

Guillermo Barba is the farm's olive tree consultant and an invaluable resource. Guillermo has worked at the McEvoy Ranch since 1991 and has extensive experience and deep knowledge of pruning and general olive tree care. He provides Warm Springs Farm with comprehensive, expert advice and year-after-year sources a seasoned team to harvest the orchard by hand.



The estate manager

Stella Martins is a professional Estate Manager and in that role she creates and maintains order as well as the optimum schedule for harvesting. 

Stella Martins has been working with the property owners since 2012. She “runs” Warm Springs Farm, which includes a host of responsibilities ranging from personnel management, all maintenance, build-outs and the olive oil.